The A-Z of Management Consulting

To get started on your path to consulting, I have a gift for you!

Below, you will find below a presentation jam packed with insights from my time as a consultant and career coach to help you decide whether consulting is for you. This presentation will offer helpful background context on the consulting industry, including my top pros and cons!

So now you know. . .

Now you know what management consulting entails.

What consultants do.

Whether it's the right career for you.

And you're on your way to crafting a plan of attack for breaking into the industry.

To quote my client, consulting offers are #craycray and because everyone knows that, they are in high demand!

Less than 1% of applicants receive offers from top consulting firms such as Bain, BCG, and McKinsey. 

The 1% do things differently–they approach the recruiting process with a well-informed plan. They use a simple winning formula that you too can apply, starting today!

With the right teaching and guidance, and access to the right resources, you may in fact find that the consulting recruiting process is not as intimidating as some candidates make it out to be. That's why I have broken down the consulting application process into achievable milestones that you can accomplish on a week-to-week basis. Take a peek at the available courses below and subscribe to the school's mailing list to be notified when we publish the next course.

“Olivia breaks the concepts in such a coherent way that makes you get excited about the consulting world."

– Tabiness Simwa